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About Us


SAIF Plastic and Polymer Industries Ltd. (SPPIL) is a concern of SAIF Power Group. Considering the constantly changing business demand of 21st century, SAIF Power Group has established SAIF Plastic and Polymer Industries Ltd. (SPPIL) on August 2010.

SPPIL has started its journey, with a vision to produce quality plastic and HDPE packaging products for Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Beverage and Edible oil sectors.

Due to our commitment towards clients’ need and strict product quality management, we have secured a significant position in our existing client base.

Currently, we are producing Pharmaceuticals PET (PolyEthylene Teraphthalate) Bottles, CSD Plastic Closure, Oil Container, ICE Cream Cup, Spice & Biscuits Jar and other plastic containers in our own production facility at Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Objectives of SPPIL

  • To address clients’ need with quality plastic products
  • To Ensure product innovation based on fast changing market demand
  • To add substantial contribution to the country’s economy
  • To enter in the international market with our quality products

Modern Machineries of SPPIL

At the dawn of SAIF Plastic & Polymer Industries Ltd., we have decided to utilize modern technology in the every phase of the production process.

Our state-of-the-art fully automatic PET Blow Molding Machines and Auto Injection Machines as well as CSD Automatic Cap Compression Machines are in operation with most experienced operators to produce sophisticated plastic goods.

The efficiency and product quality of these machines inspire us to install more modern Machines with latest features to make SPPL country’s one of the best composite plastic unit.